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Factors Associated with Burnout

Recent from Blog… PROGRAM OFFERINGS Relationship Counseling Life Coaching Personal Growth Couples Counseling Corporate Wellness CONTACT DETAILS Call Me +1 (305) 608-6462 Mail Me [email protected] Reach Me 2627 NE 203rd St STE 214,Aventura, FL 33180,United States The Best Relationship Series A Self-Care Transformation Guide price $295 (with virtual session); without the virtual session it is …

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Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation takes many forms, one of the most common meditation techniques is called mindfulness meditation. This practice can be used as a daily routine and be one of very effective and simple ways to cope with any unexpected stressful experience or just release the weight of worries of family life, work or study environments. Millennia …

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Finding Mental Health Well Being: A Self Care Transformation Guide

FINDING MENTAL HEALTH WELL-BEINGA Self-Care Transformation Guide AWARENESS/WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE is KEY to transforming. Part of transforming is also practicing self-care. Below, find a “cheat sheet” with highlights to help you change patterns in your life. In this formula, there are key elements to contribute to our well-being.What is the definition of well-being? I like …

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Healing ourselves and using the personality chart

We are our own healers do not forget that! We are the light and the shadow and we often forget to love ourselves enough to be our own healers. I am a psychotherapist and trust me, I am not advocating not reaching out to healers as we do to doctors, mental health practitioners, massage therapists, spiritual guides, etc. …. It is important to learn from each other and help each other. However, in our society as well as in many other cultures on our planet, the idea of pampering, massaging, laughing with, and loving oneself is uncomfortable. We are wired to connect to all but we are also wired to connect to ourselves first. To Thine Own Self Be True.

Make a resolution to look after your mental health anytime of the year

As you are in a new year, many of us have made resolutions to improve various aspects of our lives. One important resolution that is often overlooked, however, is taking care of our mental health.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yet it is something that many of us neglect. Stress, anxiety, and depression are all common mental health challenges that can have a significant impact on our daily lives.

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