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Healing ourselves and using the personality chart

Healing ourselves and using the personality chart

A pie chart with the words we are our own heads written in it.

We are our own healers do not forget that!  We are the light and the shadow and we often forget to love ourselves enough to be our own healers. I am a psychotherapist and trust me, I am not advocating not reaching out to healers as we do to doctors, mental health practitioners, massage therapists, spiritual guidance, etc. …. It is important to learn from each other and help each other. However, in our society as well as in many other cultures on our planet, the idea of pampering, massaging, laughing with, and loving oneself is uncomfortable. We are wired to connect to all but we are also wired to connect to ourselves first. To Thine Own Self Be True.

So how come we feel uncomfortable with this self-love? I think it is because we are taught in our culture to “keep our hands off of ourselves!” “Don’t be selfish but take care of me”; Talking to yourself is like “you’re crazy”, We are programmed to adapt to rules, regulations, the model student.  We feel comfortable being part of the crowd. After all, in The Emperor’s Clothes, we are made aware of our need to conform as a double-edged sword. Most of us suffer from inferiority and maybe it is the seed that we must coexist with as well as it is also the one that challenges us. We are often comparing ourselves to others and wondering are we ok or just out there? We need to feel comfortable with being emotionally, intellectually and physically intimate with ourselves. We need to feel comfortable with our own inner diversity. We can be happy, sad, angry and enlightened at times. We need to feel comfortable with our authentic selves. We are rich in outside diversity as well as in our own inner diversity. We must honor both the outside and inside, the dark and the light.  In our angst to seek answers outside, we forget to look at our greatest treasure our inner wisdom!!  We must work on accepting our whole: the beauty and the beast, sort to speak. To love our light and dark parts makes us whole.

In my practice, I work with the Personality Chart Program which is designed to identify your different parts such as the “kind and wise self”, “the nervous nelly”, etc. Looking at the different aspects of our personality and being honest with ourselves, helps us find out how to have the most rational parts of our personality rule our mind instead of the irrational parts. Check out my personality chart exercise at Services for Living It’s about wholeness and wellness! Please contact me for further questions or to book a 15-minute consultation.

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