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Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling is a confidential process and only with an informed consent from the client can any information be released or discussed. Confidentiality is a very strict rule in psychotherapy.
The number of sessions depends on your presenting concerns. Each person is different and requires a different length of treatment.
For the most part, employers are not allowed to ask if you have been in counseling, and future employers will not even know that you attended counseling unless you tell them. There are a few very specific exceptions to this (i.e., if you are applying for a job in law enforcement or for a government agency that requires high security clearance) but you will be informed during the application process in these situation.
The first step is an in-depth assessment to identify the needs of the client. If there is a need for counseling an appointment will be scheduled. If other services are necessary, a plan of care will be developed and options of care will be discussed including appropriate referrals.
The greatest investment is your ability to work honestly and with a true commitment to make the changes for your growth. It includes attending regularly and being on time for your appointments.
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