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Treat Your Depression in a Fraction of the Time

Dealing with Deppression

Depression can be caused by loss, a difficult situation, stress, or other external conditions. In other cases, it is a result of changes in the body’s chemistry. Depression can also signal that a person’s life may be out of balance. At Services for Living Well, we get to the root of your depression and provide effective treatment methods to improve your overall quality of life.

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 17 million American adults suffer from depression during any one year. Depression can be debilitating, affecting your relationship with others, your productivity at work and school, and your overall mood and life approach.

How Therapy Helps Treat Depression

Therapy can help people with depression recover. One of the downsides of depression is isolation, which can worsen if you do not seek treatment. By seeking help for your depression, you are taking the first step toward acknowledging that you are important and deserve to feel better.

Your therapy may consist of the following:

Identifying problems that contribute to your depression
Identifying aspects of these problems that you may be able to resolve
Setting realistic goals for the improvement of your wellbeing
Identifying and reframing negative thought patterns
Identifying and correcting behaviors that contribute to your depression
Considering what things and behaviors bring you joy
Learning methods to improve your mood and outlook

Alina Sosa-Perez is trained in various disciplines, including cognitive behavioral therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, solution-focused therapy, mind/body, and positive psychology. This gives her a diverse background and skill set from which to draw. She can help make recommendations about life changes that may aid your healing, including:

Alina will work closely with you to develop a customized treatment solution to improve your quality of life.

Using relaxation techniques
Using effective methods to reduce stress
Understanding your thought process and how to redirect them
Establishing a support network
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