Manage Your Stress in a Healthy and Effective Manner

Stress can be the single most crucial factor that determines your degree of health and life expectancy. However, with worries over your job, finances, family, and other aspects of your life, it can be challenging to manage stress. You do not have to try all of the answers yourself. Services for Living Well is here to help you manage your stress more effectively.

While stress is a natural part of life, you must be able to manage it. Stress that is left unchecked can cause or contribute to the following:

Headache, stomachache, or other body aches
High blood pressure
Increased anxiety
Mood disorders
Heart disease
Drug or alcohol outbursts
Difficulty managing emotions
Loss of productivity, attention, or focus
Social problems
Low sex drive
Fertility problems
Weakened immune system

Ways to Manage Stress

There are several effective methods to help you manage your stress. Alina Sosa-Perez can help create a customized solution to treat your depression. This may consist of one or more of the following techniques:

Cognitive or behavioral therapy

Alina can discuss the approaches of different therapeutic techniques and their benefits.

Lifestyle changes

You may benefit from regular physical activity, changes to your diet, avoiding alcohol or tobacco, or changes to your sleep routine may help relieve stress.

Relaxation techniques

Learn practical strategies that can help you identify feelings of stress and quickly minimize them.

Using these techniques and working with an experienced psychotherapist like Alina Sosa-Perez can decrease your stress and unlock your true potential.

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